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The Difference Is In The Details

The components for my products are made here in small runs each week and then assembled to order one at a time as I fill each request.  My hides are all selected and purchased in person so I can be assured of the best surface quality.  Each strop piece is cut one at a time and hand worked with my own proprietary process to provide just the right feel from premium  grade hides.  Typically only 60% of the hide is deemed usable for what I will put my Heirloom™ name on.  The rest becomes "Plain Strops", trim pieces, practice strops or is thrown away as waste.  If I would not own and use it myself, I will not sell it. 

 As for my cloth components, I use either Genuine Flax Linen or 100% Cotton. There is no mystery cloth here, no calling something "linen" when it is not.  My hardware is all heavy, nickel plated steel.  And my strops have always featured modular construction for easy replacement of components.

The difference really is in the details.

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Welcome To The Heirloom Razor Strop Co.

This is a small, Christian owned and run business and my products are all made here by hand, by me.  I'm not a big business with a storefront or staff, and I don't stock and resell some other makers products or have others simply manufacture to my design.  I am the craftsman, the manufacturer and the designer.  My wife and business partner assists with ordering and administrative details.

All of my products are designed, cut and finished completely within my own shop.  My familiar strop, handle and cap designs, and the use of modular construction are now common with other makers.  These innovations all started here at The Heirloom Razor Strop Company and were based on my years of experience in leather working.  My strop designs and materials have evolved the past 15 years through hands on testing of many prototypes and much positive customer feedback.  When you buy an Heirloom Strop you buy from the designer and the maker.  My designs and leather options will vary from time to time but will always be from materials that have proven themselves over the years.

My Artisan™, Heirloom™, Old No.2™, Notovan™, Companion™,  Rough Out™ and Old Timer™ strops are of my own design and are only available directly through me.  Please note that similar looking designs, handles and components, and "Heirloom" and "Artisan" named strops and sets found at other vendors are  neither made by, nor endorsed by me.

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